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Stay away by CathyMouse2010
Stay away
this is for Cheese Factory of Horror

Lee wondering into the wrong part of the
factory and has a run in with some monsters

he freaks out and runs for it but get cornered by the monsters

so James comes to his rescue

Lee gets in trouble for going into the wrong part
of the factory and get whipped for it

the owner tells him if he keeps it up he will be in bigger trouble next time
we'll get you down Allen by CathyMouse2010
we'll get you down Allen
this is for my story Enchanted Mana

Allen was captured by the animal pirates
and was hung up in the tree to get Leon and Zane to come and save him but he was just being used as bait to get them to him

when they try to get him down the pirates trap them

what are they going to do with them

just wait and see
Randy has the Mark by CathyMouse2010
Randy has the Mark
this is for a new story of mine it's a yaoi horror fantasy story called Evil Eye

it's about a young man named Randy Cloverson who ends up having a mark with a star in a circle  on his back and now he is being hunted because he has the mark

a team of people called the emerald team are told to protect him

the bad guy wants him badly because he is special

Randy doesn't understand why this man is after him but he finds it soon enough when he is captured by them

then the team has to save him

the man wants to make Randy a immortal like him and all the other boys he has marked

(yes the bad guy is the one who put the mark on Randy)

he was then going to take him to a place where he will rule along side the other boys but he doesn't want to

this story also has zombies and other monsters that the main bad guy made but he ends up losing his immortally and dies because he is so old

Randy is saved along with the other boys but now has to live his life as a immortal so he is taken so a place known as Aura where he will be safe there with the other boys
Julius the chefs son by CathyMouse2010
Julius the chefs son
this is for a new story of mine

this is Julius the main character of the story

it's called Dark Dragon

it's about a young man named Julius who is fat
he lives with his father who is a famous chef

Julius's mother died some time later and his father got remarried
to a cold and spoiled lady who had two sons of her own

she treats Julius badly and makes him do all the work around the house
one of his step brothers make fun of him by calling him mean names like fatty and piggy
because he is fat

the other step brother is nice

he has a crush on a man named Luka who is the mayor's son

but mean step brother say that he would never love him because he is fat

Julius meets a stranger going by the name of Lord Draco who says he can help him
he gives him a ring that will help him as long as he believes himself

Julius is happy and tells him he will for now on

Draco also tells Julius not to tell anyone about him it is there secret

later Julius's step brother caputre Draco and lock him up somewhere so Julius has to help him

Luka has to save Julius when he runs into trouble and that is when he says he loves him
Julius is happy and they find Lord Draco locked in a tower and they save him

later Julius's father kicks his step mother and the mean step brother out of his home because of what they mean trick they did to his real son Julius

the nice step brother was aloud to stay

Draco is happy that Julius has found the happiness he wanted so he leaves by turning into a black dragon and flying away

Julius waves good bye to Lord Draco and  thanks him for his help

(this is a yaoi story ^^)
Chris coming home to find Calsafer young by CathyMouse2010
Chris coming home to find Calsafer young
Chris comes home later that night

and finds Calsafer is back to being young and the blood bags are empty
he makes a comment that he must have been hungry for not drinking blood for so long

Calsafer needs more of it to get back to being strong but Chris only had two so he told him he would get him so more tomorrow when he goes back to work

Chris also finds out the Calsafer has a bathroom problem so he has to wear a diaper until Chris can find out what is wrong  
Hello all i just got back from my friends house

:iconmapledeer: is the one i want to visit last weekend

we went to see Patten Bear it was a very cute movie ^^ i love it

i also got some games and a manga when i was up there
they also showed me they Retron 5 it's a game console and it's awersome

it can play more games one it like Japanese nes games,Japanese snes games and American games

they also should me the ending to the Japanese Quest 64 game it was awesome i love it

the American version didn't have the cut scenes in it because it wasn't finsihed
and the ending credits just had clouds in it

but the one they showed me was the Japanese version it had all the cut scenes in it and i got to see what the credits looked like it should every place you went to in the game instead of clouds

that's what made it a awesome game




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