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This Way Lord Calsafer by CathyMouse2010
This Way Lord Calsafer
this is for a new fat story of mine called Fat Sorcerer

it's about Calasfer he used to be fat but lost it

he ends up in a strange place where he is treated like a king given food to him and stuff like that

he ends up getting fat again at the end of the story

(so thoughs of you who don't like fat stuff you don't have to look at theses pictures)

in this picture Calasfer ended up getting lost in a strange woods and is hungry a strange fat man comes up to him saying he can take him somewhere where they is food for him to eat

Calasfer follows him not caring where they we're going just as long as he got food to eat
they get to a kingdom where he is feed food that he can eat all he wants

the people are planing on making him their king when he is fat enough

but for now he will just enjoy the food he is given

(and yes this is a yaoi story to)
Oliver now part dragon by CathyMouse2010
Oliver now part dragon
here is when Oliver became part dragon

after he got out of that pod he was in
he is shocked on what happened to him

he doesn't know what the other guardians would think of him now

he doesn't even know what he will do himself
Oliver about to be fused with dragon blood by CathyMouse2010
Oliver about to be fused with dragon blood
this is a new story i got from a dream last night

it's called Dragon Island

it's has dragons in it

Eric is the true main character of the story

the second main character is Oliver a guardian who was kidnapped by a evil cult and turned part dragon by them

they trapped him inside some kind of pod and used it to turn him part dragon

but he is saved by a dragon that takes the pod with him still inside it and takes it to a place called dragon island

when the pod opens Oliver has been turned part dragon he crys about it but the dragon who saved him tells him that there is a way he can be changed back to normal

but for now he will just have to live with it

there is another character who shows up in the story his name is Eric he is a Cabin Boy from a group of Pirates who are trying to find Dragon Island for the gold and jewels 

Eric gets washed over board when there was a storm at sea he then ends up at Dragon Island where he meets Oliver and falls in love with him

(Oliver likes him to and Eric is a 15 years old)

Now Eric lives on the island with Oliver and the dragons,but the pirates are still looking for the island

they do find it and capture Oliver and Eric

they use a magic flute to put the dragons asleep so they can take the gold and jewels they have and then leave they take Oliver and Eric to

Oliver was put to sleep with the Flute because he was part dragon they are planing on selling them both to slave markets

Eric escapes and defeats the pirates and saves the day

he finds out the only way to wake the dragons is to play the awakening song

the dragons are awaken so is Oliver

and Eric and Oliver live together on the Island of Dragons

(oh yes and this is a yaoi story ^^)
Julius asleep and liking being inside the plant by CathyMouse2010
Julius asleep and liking being inside the plant
you should remember this story ^^

Julius asleep in his plant prison but doesn't seem to be afraid anymore

the plant takes care of him

it feeds him and gives him water so now he likes it inside the plant
Calsafer's New Cloths by CathyMouse2010
Calsafer's New Cloths
this is for Wizards Quest

when the group wondered into the lands of the Warlocks they we're captured

the leader of the warlocks saw Calsafer and it reminded him of his dead son
who pasted away at a young age

the elder warlock said to let them go which they did

he gave Randy and his friends new cloths

he gave Calsafer his sons cloths saying that he reminded him so much of his son

Calsafer felt pity for the warlock elder knowing he miss's his real son,he can see how much sorrow he has in his heart for losing his real son

But Calsafer looked alot like his real son that the elder wanted him to have the cloths he is wearing,Calsafer said couldn't because they belonged to his dead son

but the elder said it would make his real son happy if he took them as a gift

so Calsafer said he will keep them to make the elder warlock happy
Happy Halloween

it's Halloween everyone yays ^^

i don't really want to dress up this year,because i'm not handing out candy my brother is,and his friends to

my dad also said that their are going to be army family coming to our neighborhood with their kids to go trick or treating 

i wonder how many kinds are going to be out tonight

hopefully there will be people who will giving out candy at deffernt house's this year,last year there was some people who just put out signs and said NO CANDY GO AWAY,that's really rude to put something out like that when little kid are just having fun  trick or treating

well i hope you all have a good Halloween this year everyone

i'll update again if i come up with something to say XD




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