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Oron about to be turned into a moth man by CathyMouse2010
Oron about to be turned into a moth man
this is for a new story of mine i had in a dreams

it's called Elf to Moth

Zaed is the main hero in this story

it's about a elf king who gets turn into a moth man
who can change sizes

he ends up getting kidnapped by the spider king who turned him into a moth man

now is forced to be his slave and lover

Oron is the name of the elf and the spiders name is Naro

(yes this is a yaoi story like all my story's ^^)

in this part is when he is changed into his moth form and when changed into it it's permanent

he has some powers but he still has to get used to his new form
as i said he can change his size to get into small areas and turn back into his big size when he is out and fighting

but he gets changed back into a Elf after Zaed finds the spell that will change him back to normal but he must get past the spider king to do so
Prince Clovis in the bug kingdom by CathyMouse2010
Prince Clovis in the bug kingdom
this is for my story Zaeds Adventure

it's about a boy named Zaed who gets some magic shoes from a powerful elf prince named Clovis

Clovis gets kidnapped by some bug people

but Zaed goes on a adventure to save him...because he likes him

he meets friends along his way there a cyborg,a cat girl and a spell caster

Zaed also has a fairy named Tipi who can change into a sword

they go off to save the prince but there are many bad guys who are after Zaed because of his magic shoes but he will never give them up

(this is also another yaoi story ^^)
Lunar being tied up by Naga by CathyMouse2010
Lunar being tied up by Naga
this is for the story Elves and their naga's and spiders

Lunar was striped of his cloths and now is getting his hands
tied behide hi back

he yell at the naga that he is hurting him

the naga gets his hand tied tight behide his back

and now the naga says he is going to eat him

he struggles to get free but his hands are to tightly tied

(no worry he doesn't die he just get held in the naga's belly)
Oron still sick but looks better by CathyMouse2010
Oron still sick but looks better
this is for the story A Elf and his Dwarfs

Oron being taken cared of by the dwarfs
he is in a room where one of the darwfs goes to see him

he notice's he is doing a bit better but not better enough

Oron is very sick so they have to get some help from the Fea
Calsafer hit with Baby spell by CathyMouse2010
Calsafer hit with Baby spell
this is for my story My Little Calsafer

it's about my character Calsafer

( i love useing him in stuff ^^)

Calsafer gets into a fight with a evil wizard and Calsafer is a  Sorcerer

he was winning at first but then the wizard cheated by turning him into
a 5 year old baby

he then plans on raising Calsafer to be evil and takes him away to his castle where he must grow up all over again

(yes this is a yaoi story ^^)
Happy Halloween

it's Halloween everyone yays ^^

i don't really want to dress up this year,because i'm not handing out candy my brother is,and his friends to

my dad also said that their are going to be army family coming to our neighborhood with their kids to go trick or treating 

i wonder how many kinds are going to be out tonight

hopefully there will be people who will giving out candy at deffernt house's this year,last year there was some people who just put out signs and said NO CANDY GO AWAY,that's really rude to put something out like that when little kid are just having fun  trick or treating

well i hope you all have a good Halloween this year everyone

i'll update again if i come up with something to say XD




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