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Vriska getting her reagven on Eridan by CathyMouse2010
Vriska getting her reagven on Eridan
this is for mty Demon Boy story

Vriska is a member of the group Alex and Julius are part off
after she died the Grim Reaper gave her a new life as a succubus

now she need to eat people or let Julius eat them to get stronger
the preson who killed her was Tomas and now she wants to kill him for it
but she needs to get stronger to do so

so she decides she's going to take it out on her friends for not comming to save her

in this comic Vriska is going to do something to by useing gum  Eridan and he's freaking out about it

i'll put part two up later

until then hope you like it ^^
Vriska the dolly drinking milk like a baby by CathyMouse2010
Vriska the dolly drinking milk like a baby
this is for yet another story with Vriska

Vriska ends up getting turned into a doll by Caliborn
and Yoko takes care of her like a baby

in this picutre Yoko is feeding Vriska with a bottle
Vriska protests at first but after tasting how good the milk is

she ends up just rolling with it

another thing after Vriska was turned into a doll
Caliborn did something to here makeing everyone forget her

it's like she was erased from their minds

thats why she is with Yoko and my other oc kids
they are the only ones who are taking care of her

the thing is Vriska still remember s everyone she knows but no
one remembers her

poor girl
Seth and his gang by CathyMouse2010
Seth and his gang
theses are my human characters for Homestuck

Seth: he is the leader of the group but he's a really mean jerk
he hides his feelings from everyone because he doesn't want them to find out
what happened to him when he was younger he was abused by his dad alot so he became a ass hole because of it but he is a good leader even if he is a jerk

Abby: she is a friend of Seth and is the brains of the group,she likes
to read lots of books and loves to play puzzle games,she also has a thing for John
but she keeps it to herself

Yoko: she is the clown loving toy loving friend of Seth and Abby,she is really
kiddie and loves to play games,she has a thing for Vriska she loves to hang out with her
but she drive her crazy on kiddie she is but Yoko can be pretty dangerous if she gets mad so watch out

Jace: he is the stoned and layed back friend of Seth,Abby and Yoko
he is always talking around stuff that no one really cares about
Seth normally gets mad at him for acting like a fool but Jace still
sees him as a brother and a good friend

well thats what i have to say about them ^^

i hope you like them
Tavros trying to warn Vriska but she is to drunk by CathyMouse2010
Tavros trying to warn Vriska but she is to drunk
this is for another story i'm doing with the Vriska and with Tavros

they end up being tricked into going with some pirates and
Tavros has a funny feeling about the whole thing but Vriska doesn't really
seem to care what he thinks

the pirates get Vriska drunk so she's all messed up to do anything
Tavros finds out what the pirates are up to

and goes to tell Vriska but he finds her all messed up and drunk

he trys to get her off the ship but they are caught
the pirates strip them of all their cloths
and locked them up the captain wants something from Vriska
she wants to things her powers and his dice

the pirates give their captain the dice and she then steals Vriska's powers
she then kicks Vriska and Tavros off her ship saying they are useless now

they end up on a island where they have to fight to survive

because everything on the island wants to eat them

but they meet a old guy who ends up helping them out and gives them some
cloths to wear but they still have to get off the island some how

and go after Starling to get their stuff back

(Vriska and Tavros belong to Andrew Hussie )

(story belongs to me)
Vriska butt naked
this is for Alexander's Spider

i put Vriska in it beucase she is my favorite troll ^^

Vriska was with the other trolls but she get teleported
when they we're messing with a machine

she vanished but her cloths stayed behide

now she is one the world where Alex is and she is naked
she is captured by some rat men to force
to work as a slave

Alex helps her escape

and he said he will try and help her get home

(Vriska belongs to Anderw Hussie)

(story belongs to me)
hello everyone

guess what i have a new little friend

he is a kitten named Johnathan

he is my new kitty i love him very much
he is so cute i got him today at paws
with my dad

one of our others cats ranaway so my dad
said it was ok to get another one

so we went to paws and i picked him out

and i love him so ^^

just wanted to let you guys know that i have a new little
pet ^^




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