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Garry eatting and getting fat by CathyMouse2010
Garry eatting and getting fat
this is when the hooded man took Garry to home and was feeding him

he eats alot and starts to get fat

which is what the slave trader wants
are you hungry Garry by CathyMouse2010
are you hungry Garry
Garry is a new character i added into the story Fat Sorcerer

he becomes Calsafers lover

in this picutre he is in ally starving to death he sat in the alley to weak to get up
and he has no money to spend

he sits there begging for food but people walk past him not caring

but soon a hooded man comes up to him and gives him food

he says he can take him somewhere where there is lots of food for him to eat
Garry out of hunger agrees to go with him if there is a place he could be taken care of it would be better then starving in a ally

but he doesn't know is that his man is slave trader

he's going to fatten Garry up and sale him as a slave
What nice big Moobs you have Calsafer by CathyMouse2010
What nice big Moobs you have Calsafer
this is for  the Calsafer weight gain story of mine ^^

the crazy yellow guy in the picutre is duke Arngo he lives in the village not far from the village Calsafer lives at

he has a thing for fat guys

in this picutre he is messing with Calsafer's moobs and he doesn't look to happy about
Calsafer gets mad and calls him a prev and knocks him into a wall with his magic

Arngo says it was love  and says he will make Calsafer his

Calsafer storms off grumbling to himself not wanting to be the Duke Arngo's lover
Hug Me by CathyMouse2010
Hug Me
Pierre has been running from monster who are after his light

he finally finds a place to rest and it starts to talk to his teddy bear
the bear tells him to him him safe he will protect him if he does

Pierre was about to hug him when pruple tentacles come out of the bears mouth trying to grab him

Pierre out of fright throws the teddy bear on the ground and falls backwards and lands on his rump shaking and panting hard

the bear then says "he shouldn't have done that" and stands up it then says "now you made me mad"

Pierre backs up a bit when he see's what comes out of the bears skin
Come into the Mirror World by CathyMouse2010
Come into the Mirror World
Pierre has always been scared of the old mirror that his father brought home

even as a young kid he has always been scared of it but he didn't know why
when he was the age 14 he decided he would go up to the mirror

as he looked into it his reflation was normal so he saw there was nothing to be scared of but that soon changed his reflation soon changed into a monster which came out of the mirror and grabbed him

Pierre screams in horror and the monster pulls him into the mirror world where he is trapped in the mirror world

will he get out
Hello all i just got back from my friends house

:iconmapledeer: is the one i want to visit last weekend

we went to see Patten Bear it was a very cute movie ^^ i love it

i also got some games and a manga when i was up there
they also showed me they Retron 5 it's a game console and it's awersome

it can play more games one it like Japanese nes games,Japanese snes games and American games

they also should me the ending to the Japanese Quest 64 game it was awesome i love it

the American version didn't have the cut scenes in it because it wasn't finsihed
and the ending credits just had clouds in it

but the one they showed me was the Japanese version it had all the cut scenes in it and i got to see what the credits looked like it should every place you went to in the game instead of clouds

that's what made it a awesome game




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in the fanfic ^^ her name is Chirs
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