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Elios locked in tower by CathyMouse2010
Elios locked in tower
Prince Elios as a human now trapped in a tower

the bad guy is planing on using him for something

but for what ^^

(sorry don't want to spoil it ^^)
Luka and Lee by CathyMouse2010
Luka and Lee
these two character are for a old story of mine i had when i was in high school
like all my storys it's a yaoi but it's also a horror

it's called Legend of Va

it's about two lovers Luka and Lee trying to survive in a zombie Apocalypse
trying to live and not get eatten

they end up going to a underwater kingdom where they find out people came to the water relam to get away from the zombies the zombies can't go into the water it is pure so it kills them if they try to go in it

so Luka and Lee have to have there adventure underwater

the seawarlock is the bad guy of the story he take Lee away from Luka and keeps him for himself as a slave and makes Luka a slave to he

Luka then has to think of a way to escape with Lee and take rest of the people and themselves off the planet

but luckily for Luka and Lee they find a way to get rid of the zombies and heal the world
so that the people who live there can live outside the water

Lee is the name of the elf he is Luka's boyfriend

it is based in a fantasy and techno world

where the heros have to get to a place called the red tower only there they will be safe
Haku turning into Pruple Demon by CathyMouse2010
Haku turning into Pruple Demon
this is for my story Curse of the Dragon Tales

you know the one with my character Ryu but he was in the first story
this character is in the second story

(basically Cruse of the Dragon Tales is just a bunch of story i made up all put into one ^^the characters do meet each other in the story but mostly for cameos they are different tales told in the same story)

well this man in this picutre is Haku
and he also gets cursed with a monster a demon
he was forced to drink demon blood

in this picutre is him turning into a demon

he is scared of course but there really isn't anything he can do about it
he ends up becoming a demon becoming a slave to the Demon master
Ryo Changeing into Dragon man by CathyMouse2010
Ryo Changeing into Dragon man
here is when Ryo changed into his dragon man form

he is bigger then a human and he can blow fair and he can fly

he acts more like a animal in this form he minds changes wild and crazy
and will attack anyone who comes up to him

which is why he has to keep this form a secret of his men
Ryo turning into Dragon man by CathyMouse2010
Ryo turning into Dragon man
this is for a new story of mine Curse of the Dragon tales

this is Ryo Bandit Chief he is selfish and greedy he ways gets what he wants

you could say he is spoiled

but one day he was tricked by Okmai
to drink the blood of a dragon

when he did he got cursed now he turns into a dragon man every now and then

in this picture this is when he is changing into the dragon man form
he is asking "No what is happening to me"

as you see he is scared on what is happening to him

but after this he wants to get revenge on the one who got him cursed
Hello all i just got back from my friends house

:iconmapledeer: is the one i want to visit last weekend

we went to see Patten Bear it was a very cute movie ^^ i love it

i also got some games and a manga when i was up there
they also showed me they Retron 5 it's a game console and it's awersome

it can play more games one it like Japanese nes games,Japanese snes games and American games

they also should me the ending to the Japanese Quest 64 game it was awesome i love it

the American version didn't have the cut scenes in it because it wasn't finsihed
and the ending credits just had clouds in it

but the one they showed me was the Japanese version it had all the cut scenes in it and i got to see what the credits looked like it should every place you went to in the game instead of clouds

that's what made it a awesome game




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