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Vriska doesn't like the maid outfit by CathyMouse2010
Vriska doesn't like the maid outfit
this is when the Troll girls have to wear the maid outfits

Vriska doesn't look
to happy about

Kanaya looks at her ad tells
her it's not to bad and tells her
she will get use to it

the other girls are
also wearing maid
Troll girls in the celler by CathyMouse2010
Troll girls in the celler
this is for another story
with the trolls

but it's based on the girls trying to save the boys

it is set in the same fantasy world as the first
story did

slave trades came to the troll village and took all the boys
but Atsuma

the girls then set out to get the boys back

they end up in a city where they are taken in
to work as maids for s sick girl

so they have to stay with the girl who's name is Marry
the crazy thing is the boys are in the same city the girls are in
but they are being used as slaves

in this picutre the girls miss the boys

but they have to be strong until they find them
Vriska runs back to the village scared of what she by CathyMouse2010
Vriska runs back to the village scared of what she
this is for a fan story of mine

it's not a fanfic it's a fan story with homestuck characters in it

it's called legend of Atsuma

in this story the trolls all live in a village where they are protected by a goddess
a goddess of light named Aeris

she has to chose a chosen to spread her light over the fantasy world
Atsuma was chosen to be the chosen but Vriska who wanted to be the Chosen get upset about

but Atsuma is then kidnapped by a troll named Arashi
he was working for the Monster King the one who lives in a
badland in the castle of Tamblon

after Atsuma is taken Vriska thinks she can be made a chosen so
she sneaks into the temple of the light Goddess and goes into the pool of
light where the Light Goddess sleeps

but she is cursed by the Goddess for trying to be a false chosen
now she has a mark on her back a cursed mark

in this picutre Vriska is running away from the temple of light
heading back to Clovis house freaked out on what she saw

Vriska belongs to Homestuck

Story belongs to me
Clovis by CathyMouse2010
this is another character for Homestuck

he is a troll his name is Clovis Handers

he is stuck in the net he used to be out of
the net but some how he got himself
stuck in the net now

he like Vriska very much

he is a nerd but he is a very nice guy
he's really good with Computers like

and he's also a hacker

he is madly in love with Vriska
he's crazy about her

over then that he's just a nerdy guy who
like games
Atsuma with little bird by CathyMouse2010
Atsuma with little bird
this is my troll character for Home Stuck

his name is Atsuma

he is kind and sweet troll
and likes to make friends
he always seems to hang out with Kartkat

Atsuma also likes Karkat but he keeps
it to himself

Karkat likes him to but he doesn't
want anyone else to know

i do have a story i'm working on called Legend of Atsuma
it has the trolls in it with them having to save Atsuma
before he has to marry a evil bad guy

i'll tell you more about it later

i also have to other troll characters to
named Luthin and Clovis

but i'll tel you more about them later ^^
hello everyone

guess what i have a new little friend

he is a kitten named Johnathan

he is my new kitty i love him very much
he is so cute i got him today at paws
with my dad

one of our others cats ranaway so my dad
said it was ok to get another one

so we went to paws and i picked him out

and i love him so ^^

just wanted to let you guys know that i have a new little
pet ^^




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Hi, I just want to say I really like your story ideas and I was wondering is there a specific place where I can read them? Like a wattpad or fiction press account? 
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thanks ^^

well i am going to post them on da
but i have trouble writing my story's down
but i will try to get them up
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aww, that's alright. I have the same problem too.
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oh ok ^^
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