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Artemis and Lunar the princes of Dream Valley by CathyMouse2010
Artemis and Lunar the princes of Dream Valley
this is for a new story called Dream Crystal

it's about two unicorn prince's who are pure and who take care of a kingdom in a valley

their names are Artemis and Lunar

they rule the kingdom together fairly

but one day Artemis the older brother ends up losing his pureness
from the dragon prince

then later his younger brother Lunar loses his pureness by the same guy the dragon prince

with out their pureness they are not fitted to rule so the dragon come and take over their kingdom and use them as slaves

but they do get their pureness back but i won't tell you how ^^

(this is also another yaoi story ^^)
Pepper talking to Lee by CathyMouse2010
Pepper talking to Lee
this si when Lee and the others make friends with a human boy named Pepper

he followed them onto the ship which was designed as a mansion
he because their first friend

GoodHeart says Pepper  can stay after finding out he is a orphan

this is when he is talking to Lee asking what was it like being a bird of paradise 
Lee tells him it was great but he likes being a human even more
I am Julius by CathyMouse2010
I am Julius
this is for a new story of mine called Battle Birds

it's about some birds that have been turned human

Julius is the later he used to be a Moa bird from the pryatoric age

Lee he used to be a bird of paradise he's in love with Julius he can also lay eggs even if he's a boy

Yugi he was a phoenix  he still has his powers he is also snooty to the others thinking he is better but he is nice when you get to know him

Argo was a Roc a very large bird he is peaceful and cares for his friends very much

Luka was a Dodo bird he is not to smart but he loves to eat his favorite food is hot dogs

this is when Julius first meets the others in his new human form they are also in there human forms when they meet him

they talk for a while and get along very while and they all become friend really fast

they meet the man who changed them and his little birdy friend Tipi the man  doctor Good Heart tells them they will be able to fit in with humans he shows them every thing about humans and this makes me want to live like humans

Doctor GoodHeart tells them that they will live with him on his ship in the human world where they will learn more about human and learn how to be more like them

(this is a yaoi story ^^)
Lee being force to swallow seeds by CathyMouse2010
Lee being force to swallow seeds
this is fora new story called Josh's Adventures

this is Lee a alien that gets filled with seeds that
will turn into eggs that he will have to lay

this is his human form although his skin color it a very light blue

the Alien that captured him forced him to carry eggs inside him so he will lay them where ever they go

he doesn't want to do this but he is being forced to
Cooper into Wolf part 3 by CathyMouse2010
Cooper into Wolf part 3
here is the last part to the Cooper into Wolf comic

yes i know it's short but it's still good ^^

Cooper has now changed completely in to a wolf now

he sits there panting but then lets out a howl
as the moon shines in on him
Hello all i just got back from my friends house

:iconmapledeer: is the one i want to visit last weekend

we went to see Patten Bear it was a very cute movie ^^ i love it

i also got some games and a manga when i was up there
they also showed me they Retron 5 it's a game console and it's awersome

it can play more games one it like Japanese nes games,Japanese snes games and American games

they also should me the ending to the Japanese Quest 64 game it was awesome i love it

the American version didn't have the cut scenes in it because it wasn't finsihed
and the ending credits just had clouds in it

but the one they showed me was the Japanese version it had all the cut scenes in it and i got to see what the credits looked like it should every place you went to in the game instead of clouds

that's what made it a awesome game




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not telling
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